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Vedic Plaster

Vedic Plaster

We all know that human can live with comfort at a temperature between 20-25°C, but here in India specially in North we have summer for more than 8 months and winter in remaining 4 months. But unfortunately all our present building material like steel, cement, stone dust and pucca bricks are good conductor of heat, resulting our building absorb heat in summer days and release it at night which is our sleeping time and vice-versa in winter. Our building becomes heated chamber in summers and chilled cave in winters.

Benefits of Vedic Plaster

  • As no curing is required it saves thousands of liters of water.
  • Save Electricity which was required to pump water while curing cement plaster.
  • It’s a thermal insulator  so keeps your building cooler in summer & hotter in winters. So electric bill for cooling or heating of building will reduce permanently.
  • Gypsum is sound proof, heat proof and fire proof.
  • Gypsum and cow dung both protect from radiations.
  • Give Natural fragrance in house.
  • Attach cow to economy.

How to Use

  • It is a ready mix plaster. You have to just make paste of it by using soft water and apply on bare wall. No need of cement plaster or wall putty. Any skilled person who knows how to apply plaster of paris can apply this plaster with a little training.

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