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Ambuja Cements to Merge with Adani Cementation to Boost Efficiency and Coastal Reach

To boost its coastal operations, Ambuja Cements under the Adani Group will merge with Adani Cementation, a division of Adani Enterprises. Once regulators and shareholders give the green light, Adani Cementation will become a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ambuja Cements. The merger is a share swap, where Adani Enterprises will get 8.7 million shares of Ambuja

Factors affecting Cement Prices

There are several factors that can contribute to an increase in the price of cement: Raw material costs: The cost of raw materials such as limestone, clay, iron ore, and fuel, which are used to produce cement, can increase. This can cause the price of cement to rise. Get the Best Cement Price in Delhi,

How Do I Choose the Best Cement For Construction

Cement is made by mixing gypsum and has been clay in fixed proportions. It will have adhesive and cohesive properties. That has been provided strong bonding with compact mass. With providing high strength and durability it also has corrosion resistance. And protects the structure from vagaries of the weather. It’s an important construction material. So,