Factors Affecting Bricks Price

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A rectangular type of block or red brick is the main component of the construction process. The major point which is taken into consideration by an individual while going through the construction process is the price of building materials specially bricks which are continuously affecting due to the many reasons. The recent rise in the bricks price are due to the following factors.

Factors affecting brick price
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Factors affecting Rise In Brick Price

  • Hike in materials used in the manufacturing process – Red bricks are produced by burning in a kiln. Coal is the major product in manufacturing of red bricks. Due to the rise in the price of coal, the manufacturing cost of bricks goes up which ultimately lead to rising brick prices.
  • Change in Weather Conditions – Rainy Season majorly affects the price of bricks. Rains usually disrupt the manufacturing process of bricks as rain hampers the moulding and drying of bricks in sunlight. One shower can destroy the entire lot of bricks which ultimately leads to further add on some cost in re-moulding and drying.
  • Rules and regulations – Guidelines issued by National Green Tribunal are another reason for the hike in bricks’ price. As per NGT, owners of brick kilns should switch the present carbon and pet coke emitting manufacturing method of manufacturing bricks to the high draft zigzag method. As it is a costly affair that eventually makes an increase in brick price.

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