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Bricks are the most abundant and 100% natural product in the list of building materials.  Construction Bricks by Rodidust are of Awal/Aval/Awwal Quality which are thoroughly testified by our experts and then delivered to our customers. Thus, the constructional bricks by RodiDust makes the structure durable, stronger, and flexible.

Construction bricks by Rodi dust are the best quality bricks required for construction. Indeed, for meeting your construction requirements, Rodi Dust Marketing & Distribution Pvt. Ltd. is the one stop destination.

Bricks Supplier Gurgaon

About Rodidust:-

  • RodiDust Marketing & Distribution Pvt. Ltd. is one of the most trusted and verified Construction Material Supplier in Gurgaon and Delhi.
  • We have also been serving our customers happiness from the past 10 years.
  • Moreover, we have also entered into the online services offering our customers a list of products and services offered by us.
  • Accordingly, it has resulted into simplified construction  as it has allowed our customers to choose easy methods to choose their required products at best prices.

What we offer:- 

  • The constructional Bricks by Rodi Dust are processed under high temperature which fuses the clay particles and gives it long-term durability.
  • In addition to this we also deals in ACC Fly Ash Bricks which are eco-friendly. Thus, putting effort in making India more green.
ACC Fly Ash Brick
ACC Fly Ash Brick at

Significance of using Constructional Bricks by Rodi Dust:- 

  • Constructional Bricks are resistant to high pressure.
  • They are maintenance friendly and create energy efficient buildings.
  • Bricks are non-combustible and can absorb heat.
  • Provide extreme flexibility to the building.
  • Provides an elegant look to the structure.
  • Well burnt and having a uniform color.

Why choose Rodi Dust Marketing & Distribution Pvt. Ltd.- 

  • Rodi Dust have come up with a quality of products with best prices.
  • Subsequently, we have become the main provider of bricks in the infrastructure market.
  • In fact, we mainly consider innovation and technology that can organize, standardize and simplify the construction process according to the geographical area of the construction site and pace the work.
  • We strongly believe in transparency in order to build amiable relations with our customers.

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