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At Rodidust, an eminent bricks supplier in Gurgaon and Delhi NCR, we are the pioneers of the brick supply in India, and we have the process of quality check that has made us the most distinguished company in the market. We have been rendering the construction planning services over the years. At work, we always ensure analyzing the requirements of the clients and provide the brick water absorption test in service to make sure that we can customize the demands.

We are the sellers of the bricks, and the different categories are as follows. So here, have a look.

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Common burnt clay bricks

These are the classic type of bricks that find creation by pressing the wet clay into the mold. We also consider the strategies for drying and burning them in the brick kiln. If you’re searching for the red brick suppliers near me, you can rest assured about the service from Rodidust. Overall it is the first-class brick that can ensure you the best quality and the maximum strength. With it, you can go ahead with the construction of the machinery walls, columns, and foundations.

Lime bricks

These are the ones that are perfect enough for the mixture that gets molded under pressure for the formation of the bricks. We make sure that we utilize the materials that are bonded together by the chemical reaction. The bricks can give a grey color appearance and are excellent in terms of the strength of the load-bearing structure. You can also get the straight and precise edges and are fit enough for the structural foundations and the walls, ornamental uses, less exposed brick wall, and pillar construction.

Concrete bricks

With us, you can get a huge lot of concrete blocks that are perfect enough for the development of the fence and can give an aesthetic presence. If you are looking forward to the right construction durability with the fence and the internal brickwork, it’s worth considering our concrete bricks.

Fire bricks

They are also referred to as the refractive bricks and are the ones that utilize the high aluminum oxide content. Right after burning, the manufacturers make sure that the bricks can withstand the high temperatures in terms of shape, size, and strength. You can use these bricks for the lining of the chimneys and the furnaces. Pizza oven and outdoor of the brick bbq also find strength with these bricks.

Fly ash clay brick

If you’re looking forward to the right self-cementing bricks that will be expanding whenever the brick is exposed to the moisture, it’s worth considering our bricks from the amazing. They can give the advantage of being lighter when compared to concrete or clay brick. They are available for the structural foundations and also anywhere where you require the fire resistance nature.

Low heat cement

This is the one that undergoes the huge strengthening process and is good enough in terms of the continents like that tricalcium silicate and the tricalcium aluminate. Overall it is advantageous with the slower rate of the heat of hydration. It is resistant to the factors like high abrasion. It is good enough for mass construction as well as hot weather concreting.

Blast furnace slag cement

This is the one that is good enough in terms of the composition of the portland cement clinker, gypsum, and the ground granulated blast furnace slag.

We strive to exceed your expectations!

We can make sure that we consider fundamental and challenging activity in the management and the execution of the construction projects while supplying bricks to our customers. You can get the attainment of the construction plan that will come with the durability and the long-lasting touch with us.

If you’re looking for good manufacturing and supply standards with the brick distributors near me, then it’s worth considering our brick because we can guarantee faster construction. The brick blocks that we provide an easy to install and uses less construction time. So, place your quotes request today to enjoy the range of benefits with our bricks.