Product Description

The AAC block turns out to be excellent in the form of building material. Overall, they are good enough for curing the solid substrate for the exterior siding or the interior plaster or sheetrock.

Additional Details

Advantages of these blocks

There are plenty of advantages that you can get with these blocks. They are resistant enough to abrasion and can give long-term durability.

  • Structural support

The supportive nature of the blocks can be good enough for the reduction of the Deadweight, thus leading to the reduction of the steel consumption in the construction of the building. This happens due to the lightweight as well as the reduced consumption of cement and mortar.

  • Eco-friendliness

30% less solid waste than the traditional concrete mixture makes it favorable for the long-term benefits. The blocks have the composition of the pond ash on the fly ash that works in the form of the non-polluting process of steam curing. It comprises non-toxic elements, acoustic insulation. The unmatched acoustic insulation ensures boosting the high sound absorption.

  • Cost-effective nature

It can reduce the overall construction cost by around 2.5% because it will require lesser jointing and reduce the need for cement and Steel.

  • Precision

You can get the blocks' availability in the exact sizes and be the result in the smooth walls. With the perfect contact between the different elements, it can give them long-term benefits. If you are looking forward to the reduced cement and the Steel usage, then these blocks from one of the best AAC blocks dealers in gurgaon are the best ones.

  • Lightweight nature

With the vast range of features and additional benefits, the blocks turn out to be lightweight when compared to the traditional bricks. Thus, such an aspect makes it easy to transport while also reducing the construction time. The blocks also ensure cutting down on the construction time by around 25%. With the lightweight nature, appropriate dimension, as well as the number of the joints.

  • Fire resistant

Natural block start being the unique one with a beehive-like structure that can be fire resistant and make sure that it can have the capability of standing up to 1400 degree Celsius. With the firing of 4 and 5 hours non-toxic nature, you can rest assured that there are no toxic gases or other substances when it comes to the autoclaved aerated concrete. That said, it is also not good in attracting the pest.

If you are searching for the best AAC block dealers near me, it’s worth taking the services from Rodidust. The autoclaved concrete blocks are good enough for the reduction of the construction time by around 25% to the other materials. The blocks come with the availability of the proper dimensions, weight, and well as earthquake-resistant property.