Product Description


Architectural services come inclusive of designing, preparing construction documents, and involving construction administration. You can also get a huge lot of wide variety of services. The architectural services also include feasibility studies, architectural programming with project management. We, the smart professionals from Rodidust, make sure that we set the standards of architectural services with the architects that stay involved in the entire work process to guide you in the entire task.

Additional Details


The procedures that we undertake:

  • Project inception- the architectural services we provide start with the planning of the project. Working with our architect gives an idea about the project's needs, dreams, and goals.
  • Schematic design – this stage will let us go ahead with the preparation of the preliminary design sketches. We do that based on requirements and budget. It helps in the illustration of the possible options.
  • Design development –a schematic design comes with a clearer scope and quality. Besides, we can also go with the design conforming to the budget expectations.
  • Construction documents –design concepts with our architect make sure of going with the working of drawings and specifications. It paves the way for the obtaining of building permits and bids.
  • Negotiation –choice of contractor alongside the decision of the architect helps evaluation of the bids and selection of the contractor.
  • Construction administration –architect, goes ahead with the determination of the construction proceeding. You can get the standards set with the design, materials, and workmanship.
  • setting the substantial performance– we can allocate to you the architect who provides regular progress reports. Besides, you can get access to the staged payments to the contractor and comes with the involvement of our team until the project is completed.

How we give the preferable solutions

The complete interior designing solutions that our Best Architects In Gurgaon provide make the set of design services stand out. The architectural services we provide will be fit for the construction and application of it for the vast framework. We are the rising company can also take care of taking the quality of the space.

We will take a blueprint of the kind of services you want and will formulate the solution based on that. Free consultation with our skilled and extremely professional designers makes sure that the interior design in service becomes standard execution of the finalized stage. With our Architects In Gurgaon and