Product Description

Jamuna sand is the sand from the bank of the Jamuna and the Jamuna beds. One of such sands is Jamuna sand supplier that is available in white grey and also is of fine quality.


The Jamuna sand for long term durability

The Jamuna sand is also available in different categories. Natural Yamuna sand is extracted by digging around Jamuna beds or also underneath the ground. The sand is red-orange and is good enough because it does not react with the moisture content in the atmosphere.

Superior binding properties also make the Jamuna sand favorable for the construction process. The difference it makes is in the form that it is dug directly from the Jamuna bed and is well graded. The Jamuna sand is good enough for all types of concrete and masonry work. The cheapest source of sand, like the Jamuna sand, is good enough for the ecological balance. It also finds use in the construction process of massive structures. It is good enough for the construction work, and also, it is tested for quality.

Use with the setting cement.

Jamuna sand used with cement can turn out to be rock hard in the sun and shower and is good enough in terms of a limited amount of the accelerator added to it. It is good enough for the underwater construction regions as well as sulfate resisting cement areas.

  • Earthquake resistant nature

The sand is good enough in terms of being proportional to the weight of the structure. It turns out to be lightweight and also subdues the damage by earthquakes or high wind.

  • High strength nature

The sand is of higher strength compared to the other sands because they undergo steam curing at high pressure and high temperature. The best part of this natural sand is that it falls in the category of quality construction sand. It is good enough when it is found in the Jamuna banks and the streams. The sand finds the greatest use in most construction activities and is perfect for constructing the buildings and making sure that it is also fit for the RCC plastering and the other brickwork. The moisture content is perfect enough to make it suitable for various construction purposes. The medium quality Jamuna sand consists of around 5 or 20% of the silt content. Such sand is good enough for giving 100% durability.

Why Rodidust.Com?

Overall the sands are also dug easily. Suppose you want to get the perfect sand that will be good enough in terms of long-term durability while also giving the perfect shape to your construction activity. In that case, it’s worth considering the huge lot of the Jamuna sand grades that are also fire resistant.