Product Description


RMC cement is trending in the form of material for giving high-end durability to construction sites. The advantages of picking the RMC cement from are innumerable. Rodidust is one of the best RMC Suppliers In Gurgaon, and with us, you can get plenty of advantages of taking the RMC cement as a part of the construction. It will make sure that the RMC cement will deliver aesthetics and strength.

The grades and strength of the RMC cement available with Rodidust

With Rodidust, you can get the availability of the M20, M25, M30, up to M100 strength of the ready mix cement grades. For small-scale constructions, ready-mix concretes like M10, M15 & M20 find use.

For large-scale constructions; the standard-grade & high-grade RMC like M25, M40, M45, M50, etc will be most favorable
There are different types of ready-mix concrete. Some of them are as follows:
  • Translate mixed concrete

It is also referred to as dry concrete and has the materials like cement, aggregate, water, and similar other materials. The fusion mix directly into the truck mixer is the material that falls under the different possible scenarios like the concrete mixture at the construction site, concrete that is mixed at the transit, and the ones mixed in the yard.

  • Shrink mixed concrete

This type of concrete is good enough in terms of mixing the transit mixer and is based on the amount of mixing in the batching plant mixer.

  • Central mixed concrete

This type of concrete is good enough and is completely mixed in the plant and loaded into the truck mixer.

Brands :

RMC from Rodidust is available from the top known brands like RDC Concrete Private Limited, Concrete India, UltraTech RMC from Aditya Birla Group, ACC Limited, Unicon ready mix, and several others. All these products are ineffective in terms of their standards and will be available at affordable prices.

Why the RMC cement The qualities

According to the state engineered mix design, Ready Mix Concrete Gurgaon works in the form of concrete that meets the manufacturing standards.

  • The diffusion is in two ways that are the barrel truck or in-transit mixer. This is the type of concrete that is good enough for giving long-term durability to the building site.
  • The freshly mixed plastic with the hardened building materials makes it favorable in terms of the cement, water, and aggregates composition.
  • The cement also comprises gravel, sand, as well as a crushed stone. Overall it finds production and at the factory conditions and has the control of all the operations of the manufacturing and the transportation.

Such attributes are fit for making it favorable for the long-term benefits.

Top ready mix concrete suppliers

Rodidust, the reputed RMC supplier, has the latest grade RMC that works as the best quality materials. We fulfill your RMC need for all properties. The best quality material with fast delivery makes Rodidust the best. With the quality RMC Rodidust supply, you can rest assured about getting the increased construction speed.

Final words

The natural and varied range of cement can give a range of benefits even to masonry work. You can get the cement that will be giving the excellent compared to the other material types with us. Besides, we, the RMC Suppliers In Delhi, also make sure of maintaining the installation standards compared to the other building materials with the products that we supply.