Product Description


Concrete works as a flexible material in construction activities and is economical compared to the engineered cement-based materials used for the construction. The concrete's production cost turns out to be less, and it is good enough for hardening at the ambient temperature. That said, you can rest assured that the concrete cement from Rodidust, which is one of the best cement dealers in gurgaon and other parts of Delhi NCR, hardens and works with immense strength at the regular room temperature. You can get the opportunity of casting cement into the shape according to your desire. The fresh concrete turns out to be durable and is good enough for construction activities. You can get there different types of construction cement that will be perfect for the construction activity.

The different kinds of cement


Hydraulic cement

This is the cement that not only hardens on reacting with the water but also holds water-resistant properties. When it reacts with water, it starts commencing the hydration reaction. It is good enough, especially in building water-resistant structures.

Non-hydraulic cement

This is the integration of the gypsum and calcium carbonate. In this case, the cement doesn't harden on the reaction with the water, but it does by coming in contact with the carbon dioxide. The cement is applicable for major construction activities.

Ordinary portland cement

It’s made by pulverizing the calcium silicate clinker, limestones as well as calcium sulfate. The material is good enough for structural components like the beam, columns, footings, and slabs.

Portland pozzolana cement

This is the one that is good enough in terms of ordinary portland cement, clinker gypsum, and also fly ash. Produced in thermal power plants, the portland pozzolana cement is good enough for increased fineness and durability. It finds use in normal construction activities, massive construction, as well as medium and hydraulic structures.

Rapid hardening cement

This is the one that has the immense strength and the composition of the tricalcium silicate and then dicalcium silicate. It turns out to be strong enough for precast construction road construction, with the repair works and the cold weather concreting as well as precast construction.

Low heat cement

This is the one that undergoes the huge strengthening process and is good enough in terms of the continents like that tricalcium silicate and the tricalcium aluminate. Overall it is advantageous with the slower rate of the heat of hydration. It is resistant to the factors like high abrasion. It is good enough for mass construction as well as hot weather concreting.

Blast furnace slag cement

This is the one that is good enough in terms of the composition of the portland cement clinker, gypsum, and the ground granulated blast furnace slag.

Final words

Are you searching for the cement vendors near me? Overall, cement from Rodidust, one of the best cement suppliers in gurgaon, comes with low heat of hydration, low permeability, increased durability with the increased resistance to the chemical attack. It is good enough in terms of the application in the maximum water retaining structure. The cement that is mentioned enough is good for hydraulic structure with the other foundations.