Product Description

TMT steel bars are very essential today for a range of construction purposes. They serve as reinforcement bars/steel bars manufactured with the unique metallurgical process “Thermo Mechanical Treatment.” Thermo-mechanically treated bars, TMT bars, approved by the Bureau of Indian Standards for building construction, are favorable for various projects, including the construction of bridges, dams, canals. Also, these TMT steel bars find a use for the industrial power plants and their projects. The TMT bar from Rodidust is one of the best quality steel bars that can increase the strength and durability of your new house. Increase the lifetime of a durable home by choosing a good quality TMT bar.


Rathi Steel

It is amazing and in the strengthed mix that will be giving long-term durability.

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Kamdhenu, one of the greatest TMT steel manufacturers across the country...

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Kamdhenu Nxt is produced with cutting-edge technology which is at par with...

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KAY2 Steel, since its inception in 2012, has ascertained incredible evolution...

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Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL) is one of the vastest steel-making...

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Tata Tiscon

Built on a foundation of trust, Tata Steel was incorporated as Asia’s major

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Vizag steel

Rashtriya Ispat Nigam Limited, the corporate unit of Visakhapatnam Steel Plant...

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Amba Shakti TMT bar

The lineage of Amba Group traverses more than 40 years, middle in 1974...

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Electro steel Limited is an Integrated Steel Producer, which was incorporated...

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Jindal Steel

Jindal Steel and Power Limited (JSPL) is one of the prime steel corporations...

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JSW Neo Steel

JSW Steel Ltd. is the flagship company of the miscellaneous US$ 12 billion...

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Grades And Strengths Available

It's worth getting an idea regarding the strengths and grades of TMT steel bars before going ahead with the purchase decision. Here have a look:

  • Fe 415

This grade TMT bar serves best for homes and residential construction. The Fe-415 TMT steel bars feature higher elongation making them perfect for building structures in earthquake-prone areas. These bars are also resistant to corrosion and rust. The anti-resistant coating makes them the perfect option for construction, even in humid areas.

  • Fe 500

This grade TMT bar is best for use during the construction of underground structures, bridges, and multi-story commercial buildings. Perfectly resistant TMT bars keep away corrosion and widely find use in coastal areas.

  • Fe 550

This grade TMT bar is slightly better than the Fe-550 grade and finds use for construction activities and difficult projects. It is the perfect alternative option during construction activities where Fe-500 can't handle the work.

  • Fe 600

This TMT grade finds use for heavy industrial construction. The extraordinary strength and hardiness these TMT bars exhibits make them the best. These bars feature higher tensile strength than other grades.

Why choose the best TMT grade for construction?

Construction of a new building, dam, bridge, or anything else requires a lot of precision. In this regard, there is a need for looking for the best construction materials like cement, sand aggregate, and steel. TMT bar bought from one of the prominent and dedicated players in the steel industry, Rodidust ensures that the construction activity will be highly fulfilling. Rodidust has been providing assured and superior quality TMT steel bars catering to customer need for steel products with unsurpassed quality. As one of the largest steel suppliers, Rodidust sells varieties of TMT steel bars manufactured using the latest steelmaking and rolling technology.

Brands Rodidust deals in:

TMT bars are available from the following brands :

  • Rathi Steel
  • Kamdhenu Steel
  • Supershakti TMT bar
  • Electrosteel
  • Jindal Steel
  • JSW Neo Steel
  • SAIL
  • Tata Tiscon
  • Vizag steel

Guaranteed standards of strength and durability

TMT Steel Bars from Rodidust serve as an ideal choice for every kind of construction. Extremely strong and ductile TMT Steel Bars make them the topmost requirements desired by civil engineers. TMT bars are earthquake resistant, high on ductility, which will ensure maintenance of durability. TMT Steel Bars have a harder surface and a softer core as the manufacturing stages involve passing the hot rolled steel bars through the water. Magnesium content used to produce TMT Steel Bars ensures that they attain exceptional flexibility. The TMT Steel Bars blend extremely well with cement and concrete. In this regard, you can rest assured that the TMT Steel Bars will deliver extraordinary strength to the structure.

Quenching and self-tempering at a temperature of 650◦C ensure the development of a thick layer of tempered martensite ring on the surface of TMT Steel Bars. Bars that are fire-resistant can withstand high temperatures. Using TMT Steel Bars bars ensures high elongation, making them capable of absorbing a high level of energy. That being said, TMT Steel Bars ensures there will be no vulnerabilities of chemical changes due to undergoing failure by fracture. TMT Steel Bars bars suitable for construction in seismic zones are also corrosion-resistant.

TMT bars, one of the widely used materials in construction, guarantee offering superior protection against earthquakes and other disasters. This is the reason that TMT Steel Bars have witnessed a significant increase in demand. Best quality TMT bars from Rodidust are resistant to corrosion and help deliver prolonged life to the structure.

TMT bars will be available from us in four different grades– Fe-415, Fe-500, Fe-550, and Fe-600. The numbers, as we have mentioned above, indicate the level of stress to be applied to deform it. You can go through the range of the products listed on our inventory and find the one that suits your needs. We assure you that the higher the grade, the stronger the bar is. The strength and rigidity that the TMT steel bars exhibit make them the best choices for construction activities. High-grade TMT steel bars commonly find use in the core of the building structure, including roofs and floors, while low-grade TMT steel bars find use for decorative structures, balcony railings, and other construction. Fe-600 bars find use, especially for the hardcore industrial use. On the other hand, you can also go with the choice of the Fe-415 grade suitable for homes and residential construction. Fe-500 and Fe-550 grades will also serve as the versatile bars to be used for the construction of bridges and underground structures.

Specialties of these bars

  • Earthquake resistant metal bars that present high tensile strength and flexibility
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Lighter in weight compared to normal bar
  • Fire resistant
  • Excellent bonding capability
  • No rusting

Why choose TMT Steel Bars from Rodidust?

Rodidust has been excelling with the supply of supreme quality TMT bars and has been involved with a strong chain of dealers and distributors. Products from Rodidust are highly demanded by a huge range of robust recipients.

Rodidust has developed the capacity and capability to supply TMT rebars grades FE 500, FE 500 D, FE 550 in various sizes. Our TMT product with embossing accompanied with required Test Certificate(s) makes us trustworthy suppliers.

  • Quality Assurance

TMT Steel Bars from Rodidust are checked using the latest temp core technology. The teams store only those TMT Steel Bars that are well-reviewed and evaluated. We take into consideration every factor involved in the production for meeting all the quality requirements.

  • Experts support

Qualified experts with broad knowledge regarding TMT Steel Bars will be assisting you in making an informed decision. They take into consideration the protection and safety activities making sure only superior quality products will be supplied to you. Rodidust constantly strives to deliver optimum quality products by taking into consideration the advanced technologies to meet the perceived standards of customer satisfaction.

  • On-time delivery

The highly qualified and well-trained teams of experts will ensure the maintenance of the efficient supply chain and provide complete support while initiating the delivery.

Pick the premium grade TMT Steel Bars from Rodidust

We supply the products only from the reputed manufacturers in the steel industry. The products that we sell have proven records on Mechanical lab testing. We strive to provide quality products. Engineers, chemists, and technicians who are highly experienced have checked these products for quality assurance. In addition to that, we also involve our team to provide technical expertise to assure the finest quality steel bars. Rodidust provides complete assistance to customers regarding the technical aspects as well as cost factors. Buy the TMT Steel Bars today that will serve as strong as well as flexible, wonderful base construction material for all building and construction ranges, including residential buildings, commercial spaces, buildings, dams, towers, flyovers, and more.