Product Description


These days the use of the TMT bars is increasing because of the longevity of the construction. The best part of these TMT bars is that they will never react with the concrete and are resistant to corrosion. That said, TMT bars also turn out to be highly ductile and fit enough for earthquake-prone areas. It is capable of absorbing the sudden load and will also be making sure that the protection it offers works. It is amazing and in the strengthened mix that will be giving long-term durability. Different types of TMT bars are bendable and hold high resistance. Rodidust is proving to be one of the best TMT Bars Dealers In Delhi. Such bars will be delivering long-term benefits. There are different types of TMT bars. Some of them are as follows.

Grades and strengths available

  • Fe 415

These are the type of TMT bars that are highly tensile, and the strength is not less than 45 Newton per meter square. They also come in for the higher uniform elongated bars making them suitable for the earthquake-prone zones.

  • Fe 500

These are the perfect enough structures for the normal buildings and are more preferred in the multiple stories and the bridges. With the underground structural durability and rust-resistant ability, the bars are also resistant to dynamic loading.

  • Fe 550

We, the reliable TMT Bars Dealers In Gurgaon, can give the type of TMT bars with slightly more resistance with tensile strength. The bars are the most favorable for the coastal areas, marine areas, and underground structures.

  • Fe 600

The type of bars that are highly tensile in terms of strength. The series of bars are good enough for matching the requirements of the construction site conditions.

Strength and flexibility

TMT Bars with Lower Grades offer Low Strength and High Flexibility. Fe 500, the finest grade TMT Bars, are suitable for all types of construction purposes. Some of the TMT bars are fit for bridges, residential buildings, and so on for additional reinforcement.

TMT Steel, most modern generation of reinforcement are graded as Fe415, Fe500, Fe500D, Fe550. That said, these steel bars yield strengths of about 415, 500, and 550 N/ sq mm. For construction, Rodidust also supplies Fe 500 and Fe 500D TMT steel bars. The grade offers the rigid structure of housing apartment edifices.

From Rodidust, you can get both Fe500 as well as Fe500D TMT bars that prove to be the most excellent TMT bars for building projects. Fe500D TMT with a larger ductile strength compared to the Fe500 TMT bars can offer the general ductility to make all the difference.


Availability of TMT bars is available from the following brands :

  • Rathi Steel
  • Kamdhenu Steel
  • SAIL
  • Tata Tiscon
  • Vizag steel
  • Supershakti TMT bar
  • Electrosteel
  • Jindal Steel
  • JSW Neo Steel

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