Product Description

Using the Vedic plaster as a building material is good enough for saving electricity and the environment. It can also ensure the protection of the climate.

Additional Details

Characteristics of a good Vedic plaster

The Vedic plaster size of the fine aggregate is around 0.9 millimeters. The density of the Vedic plaster, especially in dry conditions, is approximately 950 grams per liter. The approximate coverage is around 1 kg per square foot and around 58 square patterns. This is applicable for a range of construction activities. The setting time of the Vedic plaster is around 40 minutes approximately. The comprehensive strength is approximately not less than 4.3 Newton per meter square. The water requirement is such that the two parts of the Vedic powder, along with the one part of the soft water mix, are going to work with the plastering of the wall.

Again, three parts of the Vedic powder, along with the one part of the soft water mixture, can be good enough for the flooring with no need of curing with the water. That said, it can save them thousands of liters of water. The Vedic plaster is good enough for saving electricity that would have been otherwise required for pumping water during the curing of the cement plaster.

Giving the long term benefits

The Vedic plaster material turns out to be soundproof gypsum, heatproof as well as fireproof. The Vedic plaster material works in the form of a thermal insulator that will be helping the building stay cool in the summer season as well as hot in the winter season.

For saving the electricity bill, the Vedic plaster is the best.

The materials that find use in the plaster are the calcium hydroxide turns out to be the moisture-absorbing material. Whenever it is dried, it can be good enough for working as the building construction material.

The best part of the plaster from Rodidust, which is one of the best Cement Suppliers In Gurgaon is that there is never a need to clean the water and bring it out. The material that finds used in the Vedic plaster is the gypsum as well as the cow dung, both of which are protective from also harmful radiation.

The natural fragrance of the Vedic plaster makes sure that it can also attach the cow to the economy. The Vedic plaster can be good enough that makes the mud lime and other such ingredients fit for inhibiting the growth of the bacteria or the fungi.

The Vedic plaster is good enough in the form of long-term durable plaster and not just in the form of the motor mixture plastering. The use of the Vedic plaster bought from the Aggregate Suppliers In Delhi NCR turns out to be quite useful because it is the easiest material to prepare and if it enough for the different areas like the home, kitchen, bathroom, living room, and covering the ceiling.