Jamuna Sand

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Jamuna Sand

The widely used construction material called  Jamuna Sand or Yamuna sand is the sand obtain from the banks of the river Yamuna usually containing 75-80% clay and 2-4% of silt content in it.

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  • Jamuna sand is mainly used for plastering work that is why it is known as plaster sand also.
  • It is thermal resistance.
  • Yamuna Sand is useful as a fine aggregate material.
  • It has long-term durability.
  • Not only in plaster work but it also can be used as concrete by mixing it with cement or gravel.
  • Plaster sand has good compressive strength.
  • Due to its high bonding strength, it is favorable for construction process.
  • Yamuna Sand is free from impurities with smooth texture.
  • Jamuna sand is soft fine grade sand with suitable particles in it.
  • The demand of water in this sand is very less as moisture is trapped in its particles.

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