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Hi Everyone, Welcome to RODIDUST . Here we will give a brief info on Top 10 best TMT bar for house construction. We hope that after reading the full blog you will be able to decide easily which TMT bar is best for you. And you will get to know about the Tmt bar price accordingly.


Let’s start the article.

First we know about TMT bars

 Ques.  What is a TMT bar ?

Answer.   TMT means Thermo Mechanical Treatment, which is a thermomechanical process. i.e. TMT bars are manufactured by thermomechanical process. These TMT steel bars are one of the best materials commonly used in the field of civil construction.

TMT bar manufacturers in India have differentiated their products into specific bar diameter ranges; Such as 8 mm, 10 mm, 12 mm, 16 mm, 20 mm, 25 mm, 28 mm, 32 mm, 36 mm etc. and distinctive grades including Fe 415, Fe 500, Fe 550, Fe 600, Fe 451D, Fe500D, Fe 550D, Fe500S, SD and CRS.


Top 10 Best TMT Bars in India for House Construction

Sr. No. TMT Bar Brands Manufacturer Company
1 Tata Tiscon 550 SD Tata Steel Limited
2 SAIL TMT HCR EAQR SAIL (Steel Authority of India Limited)
3 JSW Neosteel 500D JSW Steel Limited
4 VIZAG TMT 500D RINL (Rashtriya Ispat Nigam Limited)
5 Jindal Panther Fe 550D TMT Jindal Steel and Power Limited
6 Kamdhenu Nxt Kamdhenu Limited
7 SRMB 500+ SR TMT BAR SRMB Srijan Pvt. Ltd
8 Shyam Steel Fe500D TMT Shyam Steel Industries Limited
9 Kay2 XENOX TMT KAY2 Steel Limited
10 Rathi Eurotherm Shri Rathi Steel Ltd.

Now get detailed information about these TMT bars.

  1. Tata Tiscon 550 SD (Super Ductile) rebars are India’s leading TMT Steel rebars, made with an innovative automated manufacturing process. These rebars are manufactured using virgin iron ore and pure steel. Every Tata Tiscon SD rebar has unbeatable ductility, uniform ridges, parallel ribs & superior bond strength. These rebars can absorb large amounts of pressure, bear great weight and stand strong, as opposed to ordinary rebars. It has excellent ductility, high bendability, better corrosion resistance, superior weldability and higher longevity compare to ordinary bars. So it is at 1st rank in the list of top 10 TMT bars in India.

           Tata Tiscon 550 SD rebars are specially suited for construction in the earthquake prone areas.

           Manufacturer Company: Tata Steel Limited


2.  SAIL TMT HCR EQR is one of the top 10 TMT bars in India.

            It has excellent bendability, good weldablity and high fatigue resistance on dynamic loading. It possesses high              corrosion resistance. It has higher elongation and narrow range of YS.

SAIL TMT HCR EQR rebar is specially suited for RCC construction in corrosion as well as earthquake prone zone.

          Manufacturer Company: SAIL (Steel Authority of India Limited).

FOR MORE INFO PLEASE CALL : +91 (9582-872-872), +91 (8368-450-521)

3. JSW Neosteel 500D

JSW Neosteel 500D is also in the list of top 10 TMT bars in India for house construction. It has the highest grade of purity and lowest sulphur and phosphorous content. This enhance the strength, ductility and elongation of the steel TMT. JSW NeoSteel 500D has a well-designed rib pattern, which ensures better bonding between cement and concrete. It is a toughened high strength HYQST (High Yield Quenched and Self Tempered) TMT bar.

Manufacturer Company: JSW Steel Limited


Also, Vizag TMT 500D steel bar is one of the top 10 TMT bars in India. This TMT bar is regarded a lot for high level consistency and strength. It is a high quality TMT steel bar with lower level of impurity.

VIZAG TMT 500D rebars are uniformly ribbed. They can handle any climate condition. They are tough in structure and guarantee a more drawn out maintainability period to the client. So VIZAG TMT 500D bar is one of the best TMT bars in India.

Manufacturer Company: RINL (Rashtriya Ispat Nigam Limited)


5. Jindal Panther Fe 550D TMT

In addition, Jindal Panther Fe 550D TMT is one of the top 10 TMT bars in India. The TMT bar is produced through latest on-line high yield quenching and self tempering (HYQST) technology. This TMT rebar has a soft ferrite and pearlite fine grained core, high ductility as well as strength. These qualities make the Jindal Panther Fe 550D TMT bar ideal for high rises, dams, bridges, individual houses and any critical structures where high yield strength is required without compromising on the elongation properties.

Manufacturer Company: Jindal Steel and Power Limited

6. Kamdhenu Nxt

Kamdhenu Nxt is called the product of the next generation because it has the characteristics to meet the requirements of the new engineered reinforcement structures and smart architectural concepts. The vital features of this high end interlock steel TMT bar are as follows:

    • Exclusive double angle rib design: For a stronger interlock bond
    • 2.5 times stronger bond strength between steel and concrete : To give more strength to the structure
    • Advanced earthquake resistance: Ensuring the safety and security of the building and structure
    • Superior thermal resistance: To resist the heat flow in the constructed building
    • Better corrosion resistance: To guarantee longer life span of interlock steel TMT bar due to good anti-corrosion qualities
    • High ductile strength: To make certain unbreakable flexibility assuring better application
    • Extensive application range: Right chemical and physical properties make it suitable for maximum reinforcement structures
    • Compatible with skyline structures: Well-suited for strengthening new-age high-rise buildings
    • Extremely economical: To make innovational products available for all without compromising the quality

Manufacturer : Kamdhenu Limited


SRMB 500+ SR TMT BAR is also one of the top 10 TMT bars in India. It is resistant to earthquake and corrosion. It has excellent shock absorbing capability which comes from its excellent bendy factors. It has the ability to absorb large amounts of pressure, bear great weight and stand strong. It is recognized as the best TMT bar in the state West Bengal.

Manufacturer Company: SRMB Srijan Pvt. Ltd.

8. Shyam Steel Fe500D TMT

Shyam Steel Fe500D TMT bars are the unmatched quality support bars with uniform and parallel rib pattern which guarantee excellent quality, weld capacity, malleability, and curve capacity. These TMT bars come with advantages such as superior stability, high quality, high strength-to-weight ratios, uniform grades and best bonding with cement. Shyam Steel Fe 500D TMT rebars are earthquake proof and corrosion resistant. Therefore, we also include it in the list of top 10 best TMT bars in India.

Manufacturer Company: Shyam Steel Industries Limited

 9. Kay2 XENOX TMT 

Although Kay2 Steel is the youngest manufacturer of TMT bars in India, it is an amalgamation of experience, innovation and quality. I was looking for a brand in TMT which assures quality and perfection in steel at modest pricing. Brand Kay2 was conceived to fulfill the rising demand of high-quality TMT bars in India. The brand is just 7 year old. Important thing to mention is that Kay2 TMT bars are formed in very precise conditions to create the right temperature gradient. Kay2 TMT bars meet the industry standards and specifications such as fatigue strength, creep resistance, weld ability, bend ability, crack resistance and tensile as well as compressive strength.

Manufacturer : Kay2 Steel Ltd.

10. Rathi Eurotherm

With extra high demand of today’s construction needs, we take pride in offering an exceptional branded product that will exceed your highest expectations.

Most steel re-bars available in India today, are of Fe grade 415. According to a study conducted by the German Institute of Reinforcing Steel, theoretically the increase from Fe 415 to Fe 500 means an improvement in strength and consequent reduction in consumption of steel, by about 16%

In actual use. EUROTHERM by Rathi Steel Re-bars has demonstrated a saving of up to 20% in steel consumption !
Using one of the world’s best and globally accepted TMT manufacturing technology, Tempcore, Eurotherm by Rathi Steel Re-bars draw its strength from the computer controlled in-line TMT process of hardening and tempering during hot rolling. After leaving the last rolling stand at the precise temperature, the hot rolled bar passes through a set of specially designed cooling pipes. The outer layer gets cooled, while the core is still hot. The surface of the bar gets self-tempered by the heat from the core and this results in considerably higher strength and ductility to the finished material, making it ideally suited for building strong structures.
Manufacturer : SHRI RATHI STEEL LTD.


Here we have shared the rundown of Top 10 best TMT bars in India with legitimate statistical surveying. Every one of these TMT bars are accompanied tremor safe and hostile to consumption. Individuals can utilize these best TMT brands for their development projects according to their details. Prior to buying, check their refreshed value list per kg or ton today.

We trust that every one of you will like this data given with regards to TMT bars which will help you in picking the right TMT bar.


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