AAC Block-Cost Saving Building Material

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Blocks are the basic construction materials just like TMT bars and concrete. The impulsive expansion with the growth of urbanisation has boosted the demand for construction materials. In today’s rapidly growing construction world AAC blocks are the best alternative for traditional red bricks, even, though it is better than that. Rodi Dust, the best AAC block supplier in Gurgaon and Delhi has the best range of AAC blocks which are lightweight and made with prefabricated, foam concrete material. They are also eco-friendly construction materials. It is also authorized as green construction materials.  Also, heavy-bearing, dimensionally accurate and durable are some excellent properties of AAC blocks that make them helpful in reducing structure expenses.

AAC Blocks Supplier in Gurgaon

Reasons to Consider AAC Block-Cost Saving Building Material 

  • Save on the usage of steel and concrete

AAC blocks can deliver as much as 20% better support than traditional red bricks. As they are lightweight, which lessens the lifeless burden on the structure. This also decreases the use of steel and concrete which is money-saving.

  • Reduce mortar usage

The usage of  AAC blocks in structure can lower the usage of mortar than traditional red bricks.

AAC blocks are larger than traditional bricks. However, this is the reason why they have fewer joints so the mortar used is lessened by approximately 60%.

  • Lessen plaster usage

AAC blocks are usually detailed in size and shape in correspondence to redbricks. This accuracy leads to lessening plaster usage and lower expenses.

Thus, simply a delicate layer of plaster is needed to build a fence with AAC blocks. In addition, the expense of plastering can be saved by roughly 35-40%.

  • Pace to construction project

Since AAC blocks are many times bigger than conventional red bricks and can be assembled quickly. Comparatively, AAC blocks are manageable to spread and implicated simply one-third of the number of joints.

Besides, the detailed dimensions and absence of fixing needs of AAC blocks can save as great as 30% of the project time.

  • Reduce labour costs

Labour is a substantial expense in the construction industry. Because AAC blocks are bigger than red bricks, they are manageable to lay, have just 1/3 joints, are dimensionally authentic, and have no curing prerequisites, saving time and thus reducing labour expenses.

  • Reduce carrier expenses

The lightweight character of AAC blocks pitches into a significant reduction in carrier costs.

The reason is that the general weight of the product primarily specifies the road cost, and AAC blocks are comparatively lighter and less expensive to transport, thus allowing savings in conveyance expenditures.

With substantial advantages, we can consider AAC Block-Cost Saving Building Material and are eligible for a type of application and structure project. The incredible advantage of AAC blocks is that they lessen the cost of materials and labourers therefore, they deliver considerable financial concessions for users on a rigorous budget.

So, if you need AAC blocks for your construction, make sure you choose Rodi Dust not only for AAC blocks but also for the promising quality TMT steel bar at an extensively reasonable price. Every AAC block from Rodi Dust goes through strict quality control, and it is authorized under the International quality norms.

Why go for Rodi Dust Marketing And Distributions Pvt. Ltd.:-

RodiDust provides the best construction material and has tremendous collaboration with adequate & reputed construction material brands. Identically, we furthermore provide all spans of AAC blocks you want for your construction project. We not only emphasise the quality of material but are also committed to the probity and ideals of service we deliver to our esteemed customers.  that The incredible team and outstanding method of vehicle systems make us the best RCC block supplier in Gurgaon and Delhi.

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