What all will be affected as GRAP stage III kicks in Delhi NCR

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The sub-committee of the commission noted, at an emergency meeting on Saturday evening. That is due to adverse climatic conditions and an impulsive spike in occurrences of farm fires. So, it is considered essential to enforce GRAP stage III with instantaneous influence in the entire NCR. The authorities have been asked to execute a strict prohibition on construction and destruction activities in the NCR understage III. Except for important projects and non-polluting activities such as plumbing, carpentry, interior decoration, and electrical works.

GRAP stage III kicks in Delhi NCR

Air Quality Management

The Commission for Air Quality Management on Saturday decided to enforce Estimates under GRAP stage III of the Graded Response Action Plan because of the worsening air quality in the Delhi-NCR.

Here are the standards specified under stage III.

  1. Prohibit all construction and destruction activities, barring important projects and services. Concerning nationwide safety, defense, healthcare, interstate bus terminus, railways, metro rail,  highways, airports, streets, flyovers, pipelines & power transmission among others. And even Mining activities will not be allowed in the area.
  2. The earthwork for the hole, boring, welding, and drilling; line and procedures; loading and unloading of construction material. Transfer of raw material, comprising fly ash, either manually or by vehicle movement on unpaved roads. And through conveyor belts is also prohibited.
  3. The procedure of batching plants, applying sewer pipes, waterline, drainage work, and electric cabling through an open trench system.
  4. Slashing and fixing of tiles, stones, and other types of floorings, grinding actions, piling work, waterproofing work, street construction, and repair work. Comprising paving of sidewalks, footpaths, and central verges among others is also restricted under BS III.
  5. States may charge restrictions on the plying of BS III petrol and BS IV diesel four-wheelers in the NCR deeming the excite air quality. This advice is non-binding on administrations.
  6. Hot mix plants and stone crushers not operating on clean fuels, Brick kilns, and mining and associated actions in the NCR have also been prohibited.
  7. Industries not operating on approved fuels in industrial regions having PNG infrastructure and supply have to be closed.
  8. In industrial locations that are not having PNG infrastructure and supply, industries not utilizing authorized fuels can conduct only for five days a week.
  9. Paper and pulp processing, spirits, and restricted thermal power plants are to stay inactive on Saturdays and Sundays.
  10. Paddy/rice processing divisions are to stay non-functioning on Mondays and Tuesdays. Textile/clothes and garments including shading processes to pause activities on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Further industries not falling on the above note.
  11. Milk and dairy divisions and those involved in manufacturing life-saving medical tools, medications processes, and medicines have been let off from the restrictions.
  12. The frequency of automatic/vacuum-based sweeping of streets has to be upgraded under stage III.
  13. Administrations are needed to spread water and utilize dust defeat. Before peak traffic hours, on streets, highways, hotspots, and high-traffic passageways. And dispose of the steady dust at designated locations or landfills.
  14. Administrations are advised to amplify public transportation service and bring up differential rates to stimulate off-peak travel.

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