What’s the Difference between Ready Mix Concrete and Site Mixed Concrete?

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Concrete as one of the most essential and widely used construction materials consists of mainly three components: water, aggregates, and cement. There are mainly two main types of cement― ready-mix concrete and site-mixed concrete. The selection of the right type is highly essential for the project: both the categories have their own kind of specifications, merits, and demerits. While both types are vital in all kinds of concrete construction, one may be a better option than the other depending on the type and conditions of the project.

Ready-mix concrete or popularly known as RMC is manufactured in specialized plants and delivered ready-made to the construction site in the plastic state. Ready-mix concrete is charged in accordance with its volume, usually in cubic meters.

Site-mixed concrete is also a volumetric concrete that is manufactured right at the construction site. Various components are mixed as per the specific ratios and the desired strength is obtained. This procedure requires the use of formulas that determine the overall quantity of materials and procedural steps to obtain the required consistency. Workers are required to be careful to avoid any human error leading to quality issues in the concrete.

Differences Between Ready-Mix and Site-Mixed Concrete

Both of the above mentioned concrete types are essential in all kinds of construction projects, but one may have some extra advantages over the other depending on the requirements of the project. The following table compares the merits and demerits of each type:

Basis Ready-Mix Concrete (RMC) Site-Mixed Concrete (SMC)
Time Ready-made hence less time-consuming. Takes time to carry out multiple steps, formulas, and requires the standard-setting time.
Equipment No requirement for any special equipment at the construction site. Requires a mixer for making on-site concrete.
Distribution Delivered to different sites associated with a project. Required to be mixed just before the point of use.
Recommended Application Best for high-rise structures Best for low-rise structures
Storage Requirements No requirement of extra space for raw materials Needs storage space for materials like cement, aggregates, sand, etc.
Waste Minimal wastage Wastage is there during mixing
Quality Consistent quality Continuous supervision is required for better quality.
Workforce Most of the function is automated Needs skilled labor to prepare concrete at the project site.
Space Needs suitable access for the RMC truck Needs space for material storage and manufacture.
Batch Size A large quantity of concrete can be delivered Mixing a larger quantity of on-site concrete is difficult.

RMC is a better option for many projects. It offers better quality with a minimal batch difference. RodiDust.com is a renowned building material supplier that is known for its high-quality construction materials and at the same time, it is also an RMC supplier in Gurgaon and other parts of Delhi NCR. It has been a pioneer in the field and has a fleet of RMC trucks in Gurgaon and NCR so it can deliver the RMC in time and with the utmost quality without any kind of contamination. Since it is accessible through its website, one can book online and save time and energy.

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