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Ready Mix Concrete Suppliers

Ready Mix Concrete Supplier
Ready Mix Concrete Supplier

First of all to know the Ready Mix Concrete Suppliers one should have basic knowledge of Ready Mix Concrete (RMC) also, to begin with this topic one should clearly knows about what is RMC? and what are its advantages and disadvantages too.


Ready Mix Concrete (RMC) refers to the concrete which is pre manufactured at batching plant (RMC PLANT) instead of being manually or hand made prepared at the construction site.

What Material are used in RMC ?

It is a blend of Aggregates (Aggregate 10mm/20mm, Coarse Sand/Stone Dust/M sand),  Cement (PPC, OPC),  Water and Admixture  to enhance the workability and durability of concrete.

Ready Mix Concrete Supplier
Ready Mix Concrete Supplier, M20 Grade

Different grades of concrete :

Different grades of concrete has different Concrete Mix proportions which means different concrete mix ratios. As Per IS456:2000 the Concrete mix design has the following concrete mix proportions :-




Cement Fly Ash Agg-

Regate 20mm




Sand Water Admixture Total
(KG.) (KG.) (KG.) (KG.) (KG.) (KG.) (KG.) (KG.)
M-7.5 110 140 612 407 840 175 1 2285
M-10 150 140 604 404 828 174 1.16 2301.16
M-15 220 110 614 410 776 181 1.65 2312.65
M-20 260 90 646 431 756 175 2.1 2360.1
M-25 280 90 642 426 745 177 2.59 2362.59
M-30 320 80 633 423 738 176 2.8 2372.8
M-35 360 80 644 428 691 176 3.52 2382.52
M-40 400 80 633 423 681 173 3.84 2393.84






Cement Aggregate 20mm Aggregate


Sand Water Admixture Total
(KG.) (KG.) (KG.) (KG.) (KG.) (KG.) (KG.)
M-7.5 200.0 638.0 426.0 876.0 176.0 1.00 2317.00
M-10 240.0 628.0 418.0 858.0 177.0 1.20 2322.20
M-15 280.0 642.0 428.0 812.0 173.0 1.40 2336.40
M-20 320.0 641.0 428.0 812.0 170.0 1.92 2372.92
M-25 350.0 652.0 434.0 761.0 175.0 2.45 2374.45
M-30 380.0 646.0 431.0 753.0 171.0 2.66 2383.66
M-35 420.0 652.0 436.0 699.0 176.0 3.36 2386.36
M-40 460.0 641.0 426.0 689.0 175.0 3.68 2394.68

Comparison between Ready Mix Concrete and Site Mix Concrete

Factor Being Considered Ready-Mix Concrete Site-Mixed Concrete
Time Delivered ready to use and less time-consuming. Slower process due to multiple steps, formulas and the setting time.
Equipment Does not require equipment at the construction site. Requires a weigh batch mixer to make concrete on-site.
Distribution Can be delivered to multiple sites within a project. Must be mixed at the exact point of use, to avoid contamination
Recommended Application High-rise structures Low-rise structures
Storage Requirements Does not require additional storage space for raw materials Requires a controlled storage space, to manage and protect materials like cement and aggregates
Waste Material waste at the site is minimal There is some material loss during storage and mixing
Quality Consistent quality, thanks to an automated and controlled environment. Continuous supervision is for consistency among batches. Setting time may vary due to inconsistency.
Work force Skilled labour is required only to pour and compact the concrete. Requires more man-hours to prepare concrete at the project site.
Material take-off Concrete can be calculated as a single item. Materials must be estimated individually, and their purchase must be planned separately.
Space Requires a suitable access for the concrete mixer truck. Requires space for material storage and batch mixers.
Batch Size Large amounts of concrete can be delivered. Mixing large amounts of concrete on-site is difficult.
Site location If the batching plant is located very far from the construction site, the concrete will require retardants and other admixtures to prevent setting. Transportation costs will increase, there may be quality concerns. Requires the transportation of all materials and mixing equipment to the construction site.


Hence, Ready-mix concrete tends to be better for many projects, in spite of its higher cost. Ready-mix concrete offers a higher quality, and variation between batches is minimal when concrete is prepared in a plant environment. Another key factor is the project’s location: transportation requirements partially determine which type of concrete is more suitable for a project.

Ready-mix concrete is normally recommended for large projects that require a high volume. On the other hand, site mixing is a better option for small projects and renovations, where the concrete volume is smaller.


Ready Mix Concrete Supplier,

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