Which TMT Bar is Best for House Construction

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Superfluous to say, TMT bars are one of the widely utilized materials in construction for outstanding safety against earthquakes and different kinds of disasters and they have furthermore noticed a significant improvement in market demand. To guarantee the structure, decent quality TMT bars must be bought which should be resistant to corrosion and enables to obtain a protractedvitality to the structure. By adequate material, not just the concrete and pipes or wiring but moreover steel bars that establish the framework of the structure and furnish the neat look to the building for the operative level of construction. According to the expert of Rodidust, TMT bar suppliers in Gurgaon – there are 4 grades of TMT bars and each grade is different from the other and made for different construction types.


  1. Fe-415 – This grade of TMT bar is an excellent alternative for homes and residential construction. They feature higher elongation which propels them excellent for building structures in earthquake-proneregions. These grades of bars are moreoverprotectedfrom corrosion and rust as they accentuate anti-resistant covering.
  2. Fe-500 –  used widely in inshore regions. Best for the construction of bridges, underground hierarchies and multi-story commercial constructions.  Also are flawlessly resistant to corrosion.
  3. Fe-550 –  Eligible for the construction projects where Fe500 fails to handle and  ensure the strength and durability. and  also for slightly risky  projects of infrastructure world.
  4. Fe-600 – Best for massive industrial construction as they expect incredible strength, durability, and hardiness. This grade characteristic has higher tensile strength than any of the further grades.


For residential purposes, the reinforcement steel bars utilized in Reinforced Cement Concrete.  Assigned into grades as Fe 415 relying upon their yield integrity. Using  TMT bars of Fe 415 grade leads to a saving in the amount spent on purchasing TMT bars.

The best grade with pefect quality for residential structure.  and also used less in number but works better.

Fe415 has the perfect elongation, stability, diameter, length, flexibility and tensile strength that residential structure needs. These grade TMT bars are the best choice for residential construction.

Rodidust provides the best TMT steel bars of all grades and has a great collaboration with the best steel manufacturing companies in India. Such as Sail, Tata Tiscon, JSW Neo, Jindal TMT Steel, Rathi Steel, etc.

And also Rodidust is one of the best TMT bar suppliers in Gurgaon and building material suppliers in Delhi NCR.

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