Mixing the Concrete : Behind the Scenes

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Concrete is the most commonly used construction material around the world. In fact, it is used more than even steel, wood, plastic, and other such essential building materials.

Concrete is mainly a heterogeneous mixture of cement, water, sand, and other coarse aggregates, which are mixed in required proportions to build the base of a building. As concrete plays an essential role in the construction process, it is always better to have a construction worker who understands the skills of mixing concrete by hand. It not only helps to have construction knowledge but also gives a better understanding of how concrete works.

Personal Protection Equipment

Concrete possess abrasive and skin-drying properties, which can cause skin irritation, severe chemical burns, and eye injury. To avoid any complexity arising due to direct contact of cement or concrete, wearing construction boots and construction gloves is necessary. The following points should be kept in mind to enhance the protection of the workers:

•  Use safety glasses to avoid direct eye contact.
•  Wear T-shirt with long sleeve and long pants that tuck inside boots.
•  In case, cement or concrete comes in contact with the body or eyes, rinse the affected area immediately with water and take medical care as soon as possible.

Prepare Materials and other equipment required

Prepare the materials tolerably to mix them in the required adequate proportions. The use of portland cement is best as it hardens underwater and acts as a strong binding agent once mixed with water and required aggregates. Apart from that, the following points are also required to be kept in mind:

•  The sand ought to be washed out cleanly so as to get rid of impurities before being used in the mortar.
•  Gravel used ought to be of the required or preferred size because it is a crucial ingredient that adds strength and sturdiness to the concrete mix.
•  To mix the concrete use shovel or any little tool, otherwise, you may also use your hands if you are required to mix smaller quantities of materials.
•  Buckets are needed to hold and carry water along with concrete and at the same time, to measure material proportions.
•  A garden cart or wheel barrel is preferred for transporting concrete from the mixing area to the constructing space.
•  The most important factor is, don’t forget to arrange personal equipment for the workers while mixing or managing the concrete mix to avoid skin diseases and eye injuries due to exposure.

Proportions of the Concrete Mix

The ratio of the mixture to the sand to cement is highly crucial as it is important for supplying a powerful and sturdy concrete mix. The meter combine magnitude ratio is 1:2:3, that is, one bucket of cement is mixed with 2 buckets of sand and 3 buckets of aggregates. The size of the bucket has no significance as long as the maintained ratio of the batch is 1:2:3. RodiDust is the best building material supplier in Gurgaon and NCR where you can buy construction materials online in Gurgaon and Delhi NCR even through call. After all, what else could be better than getting locally available building materials in Gurgaon, Delhi NCR? Visit our website www.rodidust.com and find the best in class building material at wholesale prices. Quality and best price is always guaranteed.

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