Awwal Bricks

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Awwal bricks also considered class 1 bricks are high-quality bricks. These bricks are superior to all bricks. Not only in terms of quality, but the price of these bricks is also the highest. These bricks are produced in large kilns with a standard size of 9in. X 4in. X 3in.

Awwal bricks
Availability of Awwal Bricks in Gurgaon

Properties of Awwal bricks

  • These bricks have sharp edges with smooth surfaces.
  • These are deep red or copper in color.
  • It has long durability with traditional looks.
  • Due to its high absorption quality, it provides long-lasting strength to buildings.
  • If there is no seepage wall, it has a life of 50-60 years.
  • It has a uniform texture with no cracks in it.
  • Due to its dry weight, its capacity of absorbing water is 15-17%
  • When these bricks are struck against, then a metallic ringing sound is produced.
  • These bricks provide resistance to pollution.

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