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Although red brick is an important element in the construction process. In masonry construction, it is a kind of block that is used to construct pavements and walls. In the manufacture of red bricks, the key ingredients are  50% to 60% of Silica (sand), 20% to 30% of Alumina (clay), 2 to 5% of Lime, up to 7% of Iron oxide, and less than 1% of Magnesia.

However, brick size is usually taken into consideration in construction projects as somehow the speed of masonry work depends on the size of bricks that are used. The standard size of brick is 9.0 × 4.2 × 2.7 (in inches) or 228 × 107 × 69 (in millimeters).

Below a table has been formulated showing the different kinds of bricks available in Gurgaon, their source, and their respective prices per 1000 bricks.

Quality Price in Gurgaon Source
Bricks No 1(Awwal) Rs. 6700/- per 1000 Bricks Jhajjar, Baghpat
Bricks No 2 Rs. 5500/- per 1000 Bricks Jhajjar, Baghpat
Naram-Awwal Rs. 6200/- per 1000 Bricks Jhajjar, Baghpat


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Brick Price Today
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