Ready-Mix Concrete – Advantages & Disadvantages

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In the construction industry, engineers or architects use two main types of concrete, such as ready-mix concrete and site-mixed concrete. Both types of concrete have their specifications, purposes, and uses. But with advancements in technology and lack of time civil engineers prefer Ready Mix Concrete in big constructional projects such as dams, bridges, etc. And when it’s time to choose ready mix concrete for your project you can go with the most trusted name in the infrastructure industry “RodiDust Marketing & Distributions Pvt. Ltd.”. RodiDust is one of the Best RMC Suppliers in Delhi. That is known for its quality services among customers.

Ready Mix Concrete in Gurgaon

Types of Ready Mix Concrete:-

There are only three types of Ready Mix Concrete and all are used in different types of construction projects and are prepared with different methods. You can get the RMC of your choice at RodiDust at market prices.

  1. Transit mixed concrete
  2. Shrink mixed concrete
  3. Central mixed concrete

Advantages of Ready-Mix Concrete:-

  • Best quality concrete is made with advanced technology & with proper consistency.
  • There is no need to store construction material at the project site.
  • It reduces labor costs by eliminating labor associated with the production of concrete at the site.
  • Also reduces noise and air pollution at construction sites.
  • Avoids wastage of basic construction material at the site.
  • Pace the construction process by reducing the time of concrete mixing.
  • No delay in completing the big projects. Also, the accurate quantity of material in concrete ensures the better quality and stability of the structure.
  • No disruption in work practice.
  • Environmental-friendly and made with raw materials.

Disadvantages of Ready-Mix Concrete:-

We all know everything has both the aspects positive and negative. So, here are some negative aspects that you should go through if you are thinking to use Ready Mix Concrete for your construction projects:-

  • It requires more investment compared to ordinary concrete.
  • Also, it is good for big projects.
  • RMC needs a better transport system from batching concrete plant to the project site.
  • The laborers should be ready at the project site to cast the RMC in position to avoid slums in the concrete mixture.
  • Concrete has limited time and is used within 120 minutes and sometimes traffic jams or other hurdles can create problems.

Our services:

Rodi Dust Marketing & Distributions Pvt. Ltd. has the best and complete solution for all construction needs and we offer a wide range of services like:

  • Civil contractors(House construction)
  • Building material supplier
  • Architects
  • Interior Designing
  • Modular kitchen manufacturer
  • Painter in Delhi NCR
  • Building material wholesaler
  • Solar services
  • False ceiling
  • Modular wardrobe manufacturer

Rodidust provides all kinds of construction materials and is the best RMC supplier in Delhi and Gurgaon.  You can trust us and we’ll care for your expenditure and our team of professionals ensures the best quality services. If you are looking for a reasonable RMC Supplier in Delhi. Then go for RodiDust.

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