Shree Cement has recently launched a fresh brand identity, with ‘Bangur’ taking center stage as the master brand.

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Shree Cement has recently announced a significant rebranding initiative, introducing a new corporate brand identity and launching several brand offerings with ‘Bangur’ as the master brand. The new Bangur brand identity is centered around the concept of Build Smart, which encompasses the company’s consumer proposition, organizational philosophy, and national ambitions.

To unveil the Bangur master brand, Shree Cement has launched a new advertising campaign featuring renowned Bollywood actor Sunny Deol as the brand endorser.

Neeraj Akhoury, the Managing Director of Shree Cement, expressed that the introduction of Bangur as the master brand is aligned with the company’s strategy to understand and respond to evolving customer sentiments and aspirations. The objective is to position Bangur as the overarching brand of the company, with a refreshed and recognizable brand identity. Through this rebranding effort, Shree Cement aims to strengthen its connection with customers by offering unique experiences through differentiated products.

Bangur Event
Bangur Event held at New Delhi

The launch event for the new brand identity took place in New Delhi, attracting over 8,000 participants, including stockists, dealers, retailers, and other channel partners. Key highlights of the rebranding initiative include:

1. New logo and modern visual identity: The updated brand logo of Bangur Cement embodies the company’s progress with a contemporary design that reflects its forward-thinking approach.

2. Revamped product line: Shree Cement has introduced cutting-edge enhancements across its product range to showcase innovation and address the evolving needs of discerning customers.

3. Launch of Bangur Magna: This premium offering provides a superior product with a highly differentiated packaging appearance.

4. New advertising campaign: The campaign, featuring Sunny Deol, will be deployed across various media channels such as TV, digital platforms, outdoor advertising, print media, and retail.

5. Commitment to sustainability: Shree Cement has reaffirmed its dedication to embracing sustainable initiatives and eco-friendly practices that align with its responsibility towards the environment.

6. Digital scale-up: The company is focusing on influencer programs involving contractors, engineers, masons, and dealers to enhance its digital presence.

Shree Cement’s rebranded identity reflects its commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction. The unveiling of the new brand identity signifies the company’s intention to market and sell all variants of cement, including OPC, PPC, and PSC, across all its geographical territories under the revamped Bangur brand.

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