What are the List of Materials one Needs for the Construction.?

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Building houses are a tough job. It needs all the resources in one place. whether it may be a place like industry or commercial building or even home, all of it needs a proper amount of building materials. Some of them are steel, ready-mix concretes, wires for binding, fine and coarse aggregates, bricks, blocks, etc. All of this needs a proper selection to ensure proper safety and increased building life. One must take care of different grades in which the materials are offered, like the grades, size or brand of the materials depending upon the purpose or the strength and functionality of the buildings.

Detailed material idea:

1. Cement

A material that helps in the proper setup, hardening and binding the building together all the other building materials are cement. Some of the grades available for the cement are 53, 43, PPC, PSC, etc offered by varied brands in India. Talking about brands, some of the well-known are Birla, Ramco, Ultratech, Dalmia, Zuari, ACC, etc.

2. TMT

TMT or the Thermo-Mechanical Treatment, it helps in processing metallurgically which in turn helps in the production of steel bars having high strength. Steel Bars, it helps in giving structure to projects of construction. Grade offered for same is Fe 500, Fe 500 D, Fe 550, signifying the strength in ascending order of steel. Famous brands associated are Tata-Tiscon, Jindal Panther, A-one Steel. Sail, Indus, etc.

3. Sand and Fine aggregates

Riversand or sand extracted sand from the river bed is the manufactured sand which is made artificially. Manufactured River sand or Robo silicon sand or M-sand is one of the most popular sand which is highly recommended by the government. The dust-free quality and its fine quality makes it best for use at a reasonable rate. Some well-known brands associated with M-sand are Materialtree, Thriveni, Robo Silicon, etc.

4. RMC

Want to know of readily available concrete? RMC is the one. It is manufactured in factories and delivered directly at the sites of construction. RMC is more preferable than the on-site concrete mixing (making a precise mixture which needs a lot of effort). It is of following categories- M-20, M-25, etc.

5. TMT wires used for binding

It helps in binding the Steel bars of TMT and helps in structuring the construction by providing proper shape to it.

6. Aggregates (Coarse)

Coarse aggregates are among the fillers in making a proper concrete mix. Fine aggregate although consist of the river sand, m-sand that are used for the construction process. Its grades are 6, 12, 20 and 40 mm sizes. Crushed stone, blue metal are all coarse aggregates whose purpose is to be one of the main parts which help to bear the load of concrete. The price range of this product stars from 380-686 Rs per ton as per quality.

7. Bricks and blocks

It is used for building walls as the same comes in varied sizes, strength and shapes. It all depends upon the requirements of construction. The walls which are load-bearing use the bricks with high strength and the blocks. They can bear the pressure of the load. The price of clay bricks start from 5.8 and continue to 64 Rs per brick. Talking about the concrete block, the price range for brick starts from 27 to 109 Rs.

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